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OC Kids Childcare - Orange County Childcare


At OC Kids we offer you and your child something unique and different than other child care centers in Orange County. We create an environment where children are safe, nurtured, loved, and encouraged to learn.

To make enrollment as easy as possible. We have made available to you our "Parent Handbook" and our "Admissions Packet." You may print this out, fill it in, and bring to OC Kids.

To see our Parent Handbook Click Here

Registering at OC Kids Click Here

Steps to Enrollment:

Thank you for your interest in OC Kids Childcare Inc.!

Please follow these fourstepsto enrollment:
Send an email to: [email protected] with the following information:

1. Child'sfull name
2. Child'sfull date of birth
3. Home Address
4. Parent name
5. Parent phone number
6. Your preferred start date (must be within the next two weeks. A start date
further than 2 weeksis not guaranteed.)
7. Which classroom/program are you interested in:
- Infant Care - Cawthon Location
- Preschool (Ages2-5) - Cawthon Location
- Preschool (Ages 3.5-5 Potty Trained) - Landell Location
- Before School Care (Kindergarten-6th Grade) - Landell Location
- After School Care (Kindergarten-6th Grade) - Landell Location
- Before & After School Care (Kindergarten-6th Grade) - Landell Location
8. List which attendance program you are interested in:
-Full time (5 full days a week)
-Part time (3 setfull days) (days available are to be determined)
-Half day Preschool (9:00-12:30);
- How many half days?(Based on availability, only offered at Landell location)
9. Is your child fully potty trained? Yes or No?
10. Does your child have any special needs or accommodationsthat we should be
aware of?
11. Does your child have any allergiesthat we should be aware of?
12. Is yourfamily on tuition assistance?Ifso, which agency?

***Please note: We consider a child fully potty trained ifthey are able to be atschoolfor an entire day
with no diaper, no pull up and no potty accidents, including during naptime,for two full weeksforfull time
enrollment and three weeksfor part time enrollment.
Once your email isreceived you will be sent a return email offer that includes: which programs are
available for your child's age group, available start date, confirmed tuition rate and steps explaining how
to set up your online parent portal through your Enrollsy account.
Follow stepsin the return email to set up your Enrollsy account and pay registration fees. Once
thisstep is completed your enrollment is guaranteed. Please note: allfees and tuition payments
***This step only applies to Preschool Age children Infant-5 years old). If your
child is enrolling in a School Age Program please go to step 4
Call your child's primary physician and make an appointmentfor your child to have the
Physician's Report completed. Thisform is complete when your child’simmunization record is
attached and must be uploaded to your Enrollsy account BEFORE your child’sstart date.
Once you have completed your Enrollsy accountsetup, you will be emailed a document titled
Registration Packet. This document needsto be filled out and signed (electronically) by AT
LEAST one week before your child’sstart date.

Call us at 714-229-9281 for Landell or 714-484-7844 for Cawthorn or, fill out our online contact form.