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OC Kids Childcare - Orange County Childcare

Infant Program

OC Kids Infant Program offers full day childcare for children 6 weeks to 24 months. All programs at OC Kids are designed with the child foremost in our minds. The infants obviously require a different environment than our older children but it is a program still based on learning.

Why OC Kids Childcare Inc Infant Program?

  • Art & Dramatic Play Kitchen area. Giving children opportunities to play and imagine!
  • Each child has their own crib, a quite place to rest, and own personal bedding from home.
  • Rocking Chairs & Couch make our infant room a home away from home. Providing a personal touch for children and their families.
  • Daily Clipboards keep track of the child's daily activites and needs. Parents take this home each evening, knowing exactly how their child's day was.

Infants learn based on the experiences around them, primarily through touch, sight, and sound. These are our focus areas:

Touch. They will be held on a regular basis to be able to get the human contact that is so important in those early months. We will not try to replace the role of the parent but rather to continue to fill the needs while they are with us. They are also encouraged to “experience” their surroundings by touching toys and things that stimulate their growth. (We constantly sanitize and disinfect the infant environment.)

Sight. They will be introduced to a wide range of stimuli in color and texture.

Sound. Your infant will continuously hear the soft and reassuring voice of their caregiver as well as music and other stimuli throughout their day.
We understand infants by interpreting their cries, demeanor, physical looks, and mood. We are led by infants’ needs and routine given to us by parents to provide diapering time, feeding time, and play time. You as parents will also be able to hear each day about their progress thru daily activity reports.
As small as they are every moment is a learning experience.

Call us at 714-229-9281 for Landell or 714-484-7844 for Cawthorn or, fill out our online contact form.


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