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OC Kids Childcare - Orange County Childcare

Questions & Answers

1. What makes OC Kids Childcare Inc. better than any other Childcare Centers in Orange County?

Answer: OC Kids Childcare Inc. was opened in 2005 by Karissa Degener & Casie Hollenbeck. Karissa Degener is a Credentialed School Teacher. She has her BS in Child Development and her Masters of Education in Crosscultural Teaching. She taught public school for 7 years with Magnolia School in Anaheim, and preschool for 4 years before opening OC Kids. Casie Hollenbeck is a Credentialed School teacher also. She has her BS in Child Development. Casie taught public school for 6 years with Anaheim City Unified School District, preschool, and worked in Ocean View School District School Age Program. Karissa & Casie take pride in having a great program and are "hands on" owners & directors. This combined education and experience has made OC Kids a thriving program. OC Kids' programs and curricumum is truly designed by Credentialed School Teachers. It offers a "balanced" program reaching the developmental and accademic needs of the children in our care.

2. Do parents have to pay fees for days that their child does not attend due to illness or vacation?

Answer: A one week Vacation allotment is given each school year (September-August) when your family has been enrolled in our program for one year. Once this allotment is used up, payment is required to guarantee the space. Please refer to the HOLIDAY/SICK DAY heading in our "Policy Section" of our Parent Handbook for an in depth explanation.

3. Are there any times throughout the year that you are closed?

Answer: We are opened all year round. The only days in which we close are statutory holidays and weekends. See parent handbook for specific dates.

4. How many teachers are in the infant room?

Answer: The child/staff ratios for each age grouping are as follows:

1 teacher for every 4 infants (birth to 24 months)

1 teacher for every 12 preschoolers (2 to 6 years)

5. What are the qualifications of your staff members?

Answer: The majority of our staff are graduates of the Early Childhood Education Program. There are a couple of positions which do not require an Early Childhood Educator, but a relevant educational backround is sought. Most of our staff members are trained in Infant and Child C.P.R. It is mandatory for each employee to undergo a formal Criminal Background Check.

6. What is your policy regarding sick children?

Answer: We do our best to be supportive of the working parent and at the same time, operate within the health standard guidelines mandated by our local health unit. If a child is feeling somewhat under the weather but is able to function within the program we will allow them to remain. Communicable illnesses, other than colds, require exclusions which are determined by our health unit. We will administer medications such as antibiotics providing proper procedures are followed.

7. What items are parents responsible for once enrolled?

Answer: When families enroll a child a "What To Bring List" is provided for them. Parents are responsible for providing their child's diapers and any infant related food that the child may still be requiring. It is a good idea for parents to supply a change of clothing which can be left at the day care in the event their child requires a change. Indoor shoes are also requested.

8. Do you offer "family rates?"

Answer: YES, A 10% sibling discount is given to the tuition of the oldest child of families with multiple children attending OC Kids.

We hope this page has answered most of your questions. For additional information please feel free to call us anytime!

Call us at 714-229-9281 for Landell or 714-484-7844 for Cawthorn or, fill out our online contact form.


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